Wear ' em never wash em'


In case you all didn’t know, dirty denim is the way to live. Especially, for those of you who love a pair of raw denim.

As you continuously wash your jeans they start to fade, and began to have that wear and tear look (which happens to be todays’ trend). Freezing your jeans will allow them to feel crisp, clean, and new again.

So here’s the trick..

Instead of washing your jeans the ordinary way, fold them in a Ziploc bag and freeze them in your freezer. You can store them in your fridge for as long as you want, but overnight up to a week is just fine. However, this process DOES NOT removes stains! Due to the temperature of the freezer, it only kills the bacteria and gives your jeans that stiff look again.

If you don’t feel comfortable with freezing your jeans, another technique is combining all of your denim inside out, in the washer machine. Add three tablespoon of distilled vinegar or apple cider vinegar, and wash on cold. Vinegar alone is the perfect substitution for detergent because it increases the lifespan of your denim. Don’t worry about the vinegar smell. Once you air- dry your jeans, the odor will go away.

Take care of your denim and thank me later!

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