Have you guys seen one of Adriana Degreas pieces from her collection ? question is was designer Adriana Degreas, being offensive when she displayed her dress on the runway with an African American slave wearing a muzzle around her mouth?

When I first seen this particular piece I was disturb. The image depicted on the dress dates back to slavery, and was definitely inspired by story of Escrava Anastacia. I understand one is entitled to express their creativity in any way he or she chooses. But just out of curiosity, what subliminal message was Ms.Degreas trying to express?

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the story of “ Escrava Anastacia”…

Her mother Delminda, who was an African American slave, birthed Anastasia. Her mother was forcibly raped by her master, and was conceiving his baby (Anastacia). Delminda and Anastacia were sent to Brazil.

Anastacia was born with blue eyes, very beautiful. She was tortured, and raped by the master’s son. Anastacia was forced to wear a mask and collar, which was a common punishment in Brazil for slaves. The mask was only removed when it was time to eat. Image having to wear an iron bridle mask around your mouth, neck shackled every day? Who would want to be reminded of this era?

Yes, fashion is influenced by art, foreign cultures, daily life experiences, and what is happening in the world. The question is how can one worship someone who suffered a great deal of brutal pain?


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