By: TRAJ

One love , is a great herbal tea which supports the womb during times when your uterus needs nurture, nourishment, and support! This herbal tea:
• Tones the uterus muscle
• Support, Strengthen, & heal the female reproductive system
• Balance your hormones
• Ease stress & anxiety
I personally drink this tea faithfully. This tea is amazing! You can forget about all of the other medications ,or remedies.  All you have to do is purchase this tea one time (the tea bag is reusable), and it will last you for months. You can order the tea online ,or purchase it from your nearest organic store. Once your tea is purchased:
1 Boil 1 liter of water & the tea bag for 1-2 hours
2 Transfer tea into a Container, along with the tea bag and store it in the Refrigerator (once your half way done with the tea, boil some more water and refill container).
3 Drink hot or cold everyday for the rest of you life. (Honey can be used as a sweetener).
Here are some websites where this herbal tea can be purchased: $13.95  $12.95


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